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古筝老师演奏的传统曲目 渔舟唱晚:


Clearview Art School in Scarborough/Toronto: Musical Instrument Class opens for registration--
Piano, Erhu, Pipa, Guzheng.

The elegant Chinese instrument will calm you down and fills your heart with beautiful notes and ancient wisdom.

Beginner class, Easy to get started; Soon you will be able to enjoy the music flowing under your fingers.

One-on-one and group lesson at your choice.

Call us to book your trial class!


Prices List for Musical Instrument Lessons

One to One Lesson 2 persons Small Group 3-4 Persons Small Group
Entry levels Advanced levels Entry levels Advanced levels Entry levels Advanced Levels
Er Hu $20/30m
$35-60/1h $20/1h $25/1h $15/ 1h $18/1h
Gu Zeng $20/30m  $25/45m   $30-50/1h $20/1h $25/1h $15/ 1h $18/1h
Pipa $20/30m
$30-50/1h $20/1hour $25/1h $15/1h $18/1h
Guitar $20/30m
$30-50/1h $20/1hour $25/1h $15/ 1h $18/1h
Piano $20/30m
$30-60/1h $20/1hour $25/1h $15/ 1h $18/1h

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